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I've been practicing design for more than fifteen years, both as a design leader within large organizations and sole designer for startups. I'm currently a ___________ at _________ and teach Product Design at ______.
Prior to that, I managed a Design and Research team at CNN's Emerging Platforms team following the acquisition of Canopy (a private personalization startup), spent two years at Google building technology for communities at risk, and four years exploring content creation and Virtual Reality at Meta.
In addition to designing digital products, I've bootstrapped a co-working studio, a design conference, a podcast, and several music projects.
I was born in Bulgaria and moved to Madrid, Spain as an angsty teenager. I've lived in 4 countries, 3 continents, and 8 cities. Today, I'm still living and enjoying sunny Madrid.
Shared ownership
Whether I work independently or integrate with your team, everyone comes along the process.
I work fast, like really fast
Quick iteration allows us to zoom through explorations until we arrive at something that feels just right.
Show and tell
I frequently share work in progress, usually in the form of screen recordings with a voice over.
Bias for action
I prefer creating tangible artifacts to visualize the team's ideas over lengthy documents that often go ignored.
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